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Leap Motion Zombie Shooter is a game where the player plays as a cyborg equipped with high tech weapons and the aim is to defend the entrance of our last human residences by killing as much as zombies possible in the given survival time.

kill the zombies and make high score. compete with your friends. 2 players can also play together.

Game trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVRnqOp9xUo

Controls & how to play- Firstly bring your right hand over the leap motion untill the hand appears then touch the menu buttons to select that option. During game play, use left hand in the game to look around. Right hand has 3 weapons to use. The gun, the laser, and the missile. Make a gun gesture by folding your ring and pinky fingers and point your index finger toward the enemy. To use Laser your all fingers should be unfolded except your thumb. To use missile, fold all the fingers.

Features of the game-

1. multiplayer support

2. Three levels to play.

3. Three weapons to use.

4. Hiscore support and compete with your friends

Technologies Used-

1. Unity 3d game engine

2. Leap motion

3. C#

4. Blender

Developed by- Technology Lancers

contact us- www.Facebook.com/technology.lancers


email- technology.lancers@gmail.com

Install instructions

1. Connect your leap motion controller

2. Download and run the game by the exe file provided.


Leap motion zombie shooter.rar 26 MB

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