A downloadable City Eco Saver for Windows

Game for better eco-friendly living through reduced impact on environment. The Game deals with spreading awareness about Eco-friendly habits and educating people about the benefit of planting trees.

In today's world, people throw their garbage on the roads without worrying about the threat it will cause to the environment. We want to have an impact on the minds of the people to follow the basic cleaning techniques in their everyday life by not throwing garbage on the streets, instead piling the garbage at one place and handing it over to the garbage collection trucks and planting trees in their premises so as to have a clean and pollution free environment.

By playing this game, people will start following the cleaning habits depicted in the game. Throwing garbage in the bins for collection by garbage truck, planting trees in the area to reduce pressure on environment. Citizens will know about what tress to be planted that are most beneficial for the ecosystem. They will also learn about properties and uses of different type of trees. Along with that, the segregation phase of the game will teach them what kind of wastes are recyclable and what kind of wastes are non-recyclable.

Install instructions

1. Download the zip.

2. extract the game.

3. Run the exe file


City Eco Saver.zip 38 MB